State of the art care for rheumatology disorders

Prof Robert Moots

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About Rheum 4 Life

Rheum 4 Life is a new company, established by Robert Moots, an academic rheumatologist with more than 30 years experience of cutting edge research that is translated into optimal treatment for patients..

Rheum 4 Life, through Dr Moots, provides state-of-the-art care for the spectrum of rheumatic diseases: providing a definitive diagnosis and advising on or delivering treatment depending upon individual needs.

Robert has extensive experience in taking referrals from within the UK and abroad and is able to liaise with local centres to ensure that, where possible, you are treated in the optimal location for your needs – whether Liverpool, London or LA.


His clinic,  in Liverpool, UK,  is readily accessible by road, rail and air links, and provides  a full range of rheumatology assessments, investigations and treatments. 

Funds from this work help support Neema Children's home in Eldoret, Kenya.